Customizing Your Wine Tour Experience

Planning for a couple, a group of friends, or even a bachelorette party? We can help make your experience personal and fit exactly what you’re looking for from your visit to Santa Barbara wine country. There are so many great options, and throughout the day there are details that can be customized to your groups specific interests.

Rideau vineyard tours santa ynez

1. Vineyard Tour

  • Rideau, home to the prettiest garden in the valley, offers daily vineyard tours. You’ll start by learning about how they grow their grapes in the vineyard before heading into the winery where you’ll learn about the fundamentals of winemaking and what makes the winemaking process at Rideau so special.
wine and choclate tasting in santa ynez

2. Wine and Chocolate

  • A few special wineries in the valley, including Andrew Murray Vineyard and Vincent Vineyard offer chocolate truffles that can be purchased, and make the perfect paring treat to go along with the bold Rhône varietals that both vineyards do so well.
olive oil tasting santa ynez

3. Olive Oil Tasting

  • Located close-by to all of our favorite wineries is the Rancho Olivos Olive Oil Stand, which offers the perfect wine-tasting detour. Santa Ynez grown and sustainably farmed, the stand offers complimentary tastings of their flavored and unflavored olive oils which make for the perfect souvenir from your time spent in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.
lavender farm tour

4. Lavender Farm

  • Clairmont Lavender Farm, located in Los Olivos, makes for another fun stop between wine tastings. Family owned and organically grown, their store offers a complete line of lavender based personal care products, with the surrounding farm offering ample photo opportunities of blooming lavender during late spring and early summer.los olivos coffee shop

5. Los Olivos

  • The historic town of Los Olivos boasts over 40 tasting rooms and is home to charming cafés, galleries, and boutique shops. Take your time exploring, or just stop by for a coffee before heading home; either way you won’t easily forget this quaint wine town.

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