Santa Barbara Wine Country Tours selects some of most unique wineries in the region. Each venue provides an experience that sets it apart from the next, whether it is it’s beautiful outdoor space, knowledgeable pourer, or award-winning varietal. We work with a variety of vintners, all with bottles to please each palate.

Santa Barbara Wineries

Wineries Santa Barbara Wine Country Tours visit regularly.


We love going to Brander because it feels like you are stepping into a mini-castle. The Brander Vineyard was established in 1975, making it the oldest family operated estate winery in Santa Barbara County. Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, varieties for which Fred Brander served as a pioneer in planting, flourish in this area.

We often visit The Brander Vineyard on our wine and bike tours, but it is also available upon request.

Vincent Vineyards

Vincent Vineyards is known for their wonderful indoor and outdoor seating, friendly service and incredible wine. When you sit outside you are at eye level with the vines and feel completely immersed in the wine-tasting experience. Vincent was established in 2005 and the owner has a multitude of worldly experiences and connections on the walls of the winery. It feels as though you are walking through a museum with a glass of wine in your hand!

Andrew Murray Vineyards

If you ask locals their favorite red in the valley, be prepared to hear Andrew Murray as a common response. A beautiful tasting room, complemented by lovely outdoor seating (and even games and activities for kids) make Andrew Murray a delightful stop in your tasting experience. Delicious chocolates and cheese plates are available to pair with your tasting.

Rusack Vineyards

This is what wine country is all about. The drive to Rusack takes you through rows and rows of wine grapes, grazing farm animals, rolling hills and more. They also have a vineyard on Catalina Island, one of the Channel Islands off of Santa Barbara’s coast. Many of their staff members have been pouring at Rusack for over 10 years and provide a truly memorable experience for guests. The outside deck overlooks a beautiful valley view.

Fess Parker

Fess Parker’s large winery and beautiful spaces make it a great destination for your group of family or friends. Their beautiful western-style lodge and surrounding grounds make it the perfect location to stroll around and enjoy your favorite glass.

Folded Hills

Tucked behind the coastal mountains of Santa Barbara County, they are the closest winery to the ocean. Their new location is the original dwelling of a simple homesteader who settled here in 1898.  They strive to craft beautiful wines with a focus on purity. Keeping this in mind, their farming and cellar work are all organic. You can also meet and feed the animals, including KuneKune pigs, miniature donkeys, goats, and their miniature Jersey cow.

Roblar Winery

Nestled in an oak tree-studded 40-acre vineyard located in the heart of Santa Barbara County, Roblar Winery and Vineyards reflects the spirit of Santa Ynez Valley- rustic, authentic, and bold. Our philosophy is to foster a unique visitor experience of bringing together great wine, great food, and great friends. We encourage guests to explore the estate—from our stunning 5,000 sq. ft. tasting room complete with an indoor-outdoor stone fireplace, to the trellis-covered patio, looking out over our expansive gardens.

Other favorites include: Rideau Vineyards, Petros Winery

*A few of our favorite tasting rooms include: Dragonette Cellars, Epiphany Cellars, and Sarloos & Sons.

Please let us know if you have a winery you’d like to visit on our tour. If it is not on our list please note that it will most likely incur an increased service fee. For example: Brave & Maiden is an additional $20/person and Sunstone is an additional $13/person. Custom winery options are only available on customized, private tours. A $25 service fee will be added to the tour price if you request a non-partner winery, limit 1 per tour. Contact our office for questions.

COVID Note: Please note the wineries are frequently adapting/editing their policies and we can not guarantee the possibility of doing a tasting at each winery. Glasses or bottles might be the only option available in lieu of tastings and some wineries might require the purchase of food. Many wineries do not allow outside food.