Travel in class and comfort in our wine country vans. Air conditioning, spacious seating, large 360-degree viewing windows, water, snacks, and sound system are featured in each vehicle.

We’re Going Electric!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new, all-electric, 100% emissions-free, 12-passenger van — the first electric wine tour vehicle for groups of this size in our region! This acquisition marks our first step in our shift to fully electric transportation.

Van Seating & Spacing Details

We offer 7, 12, and 14-passenger vehicles for public tours and we often operate at full capacity, especially on the weekends. For our guests’ comfort, we have capped shared van capacity to 11 guests in our 12-passenger electric-powered Transit van, and 12 guests in our 14-passenger Transit van. Adjacent seating is not guaranteed for your entire party. We ask that guests refrain from sitting in the front seat next to the driver unless they are prone to motion sickness.

To ensure a comfortable and safe tour experience, we kindly request that each passenger limits personal belongings to one bag. Should your bag not fit under the seat, please be prepared to keep it on your lap for the tour’s duration. For any queries, feel free to contact our office.

For additional space or specific needs, you have the option to purchase extra seats, subject to the following conditions:

• You must be able to securely fasten and wear the seat belt as mandated by California law, throughout the journey.
• Your presence must not excessively intrude into the space of adjacent seats.
• Consider extra seating if traveling with substantial luggage, for enhanced comfort, or if accompanied by a service animal (refer to our Service Animal Policy). Please call our office at (805) 884-9283 for assistance.
• If you’re traveling with a young child requiring a car seat.

Note: Additional seats are available at a discounted ‘non-drinker’ rate, which is the standard tour price less $25 per seat. 

*If, on the morning of your tour, you cannot comfortably fit within your designated seat and haven’t purchased an extra seat, we will ask you to do so. This is subject to seat availability. In case extra seats are not available, we will endeavor to reschedule your tour, although we cannot guarantee availability within the same week. To avoid any inconvenience, we strongly recommend contacting our office in advance.

Van Cleaning Fee Policy

In the event of spillage, excessive mess, or vomiting inside the tour van caused by your group, a cleaning fee of $150 will be billed to your party. This charge covers any necessary detailing services and, if required, vehicle rental costs incurred due to customer-related incidents. To assist guests prone to motion sickness, our drivers provide motion sickness bags in all vans. We encourage you to inform us at the time of booking if anyone in your party is susceptible to motion sickness, and to request assistance as needed on the day of your tour.

Options for Large Groups

For large groups, we offer two convenient travel options. You may choose to split your group across several of our vans for separate travel. Alternatively, if your preference is to stay together as a group, we frequently collaborate with Airbus and Pegasus to accommodate larger parties in a single vehicle.

wine shuttle limo service in santa ynez

Pick-Up Location Pricing

wine shuttle pricing in santa barbara santa ynez, la conchita, mussel shoals, carpinteria, summerland and Ventura.

Pick-up times may vary depending on where you are located. To keep you informed, we will send a confirmation email or make a confirmation call prior to each tour. If you do not receive either of these confirmations, we kindly ask that you reach out to our office for assistance.

*Pick-up services in the Los Angeles area are not available. If you have a large group out of Los Angeles, you can submit a proposal for a custom group trip here.